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Jubilee Bridge was birthed in 2017 with a group of leaders that want to share God Word to all people. Jubilee Bridge is best experienced live and in person.  We encourage you to take a chance and see for yourself what God is doing in Morgan Hill, CA.


We’re glad you’re here.  Loving the unchurched, developing disciples and serving all people is not just a nice mission statement, it is the DNA of our church.  We want to empower you to live your life on a mission in the church and in the community for Jesus.

Our mission is to create an environment where the lost feel welcomed and the believer can be a part of a vibrant church family, for all to come together to express the joy of the Lord in all aspects of life.


We Believe 

  • Only One true God

  • Inspired by Word of God 

  • Teaching the Ministry of Jesus Christ 

We are 

  • Saved by God grace 

  • to spread Gods Word 

  • Free from the power of the enemy 

Every Believer

  • Supernatural calling to Ministry 

  • Serving our city through Gods Grace 

Our Passion

  • Reaching out in redeeming  love, liberating power, and bring the Word of God to all people

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