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Meet the Staff

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Senior Pastors
Adam & Michelle Bernal

Adam Bernal, Co-founder and Senior Pastor of Jubilee Bridge Church. He’s been in full time ministry for 30 yrs in numerous different capacities. His desire is to bring an exciting church experience every week to all who attend and/or watch online. With humor and a vast Bible knowledge he tries to bring the Word of God alive and allow each person to experience God in a new way.


Pastor Michelle Bernal pastors Jubilee Bridge Church with her Husband, Adam Bernal, in Morgan Hill, Ca. She has a heart for the lost and loves connecting with women and discussing God. In addition, she has a missionary heart and has 17 Leprosy colonies in India, where she provides medical supplies, treatment, and food to over seventeen hundred Hansens Patients. She loves the prophetic and lives a supernatural lifestyle. She is passionate towards the Move of God and seeks after God's Heart. 

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John & Hannah

John Keller has been on staff since 2022, working as the head of sound & lighting here at Jubilee Bridge. John is also one of the care pastors for 2023 along side his wife Hannah. Johns personal walk with God and life in general is that there is no final destination or prize but an evolving journey and adventure that deepens his relationship with Him every step.  

Hannah Bernal-Keller started to work for Jubilee Bridge in 2021 after graduating college at Grand Canyon University. She takes on a variety of roles here at the bridge. Some including designing website, maintaining the JBMH app, teaching, and hosting or teaching weekly services. Hannahs' walk with the Lord has always been strong but over this past year God has opened new doors and opportunities to grow. Hannah loves her job and for the main reason of it glorifies God. 

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Jessica is an assistant to Senior Pastors at The Bridge. One passion of her is working with the Heartistry  Creative Arts Ministry.  Jessica is a mother of 7 beautiful children, loving wife and good friend! Jessica's heart is to teach and encourage one another creatively - on point and on purpose! She have a passion for developing wholeness in families and marriages!

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Scott & Kellie

Scott is a Care Pastor and employee here at Jubilee Bridge. Graduated from Bethany bible college in 1986 with an AA in Business management and a BA in Communication Arts. Scott married a gorgeous red head in 1989, they now have two children, Ian and Katie. He has a heart for people, young adults, marriages, and expressing God’s love by hosting people. He is involved with the Iron Men, 9th Hour of Prayer and bookkeeping at Jubilee Bridge. Scott is honored to be apart and very invested in the Jubilee Bridge family.  


Kellie is a Care Pastor alongside her husband Scott. A sassy red head who has sold Pampered Chef, opened a daycare for several years, was a baker for Monta Vista School, took culinary arts classes in Junior College, home schooled their two kids, sang on the church worship team and high school choirs, and currently owns her own staging business called, Dress Your Nest Home. Kellie is very involved at JBMH with Girls on Fire, Heartistry, and 9th Hour of Prayer. Kellie loves to be apart of Jubilee Bridge and loves being with a church family who support her. 

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Jacqueline Garcia-Castrillo

Jackie is our Pastor and Director over Children’s Ministry, she loves God and has a heart for His children. She enjoys connecting with families and partnering with them to build the first foundations of faith for the next generations to come.  She has completed 2 years of Bible College and has been working in children’s ministry for 12 years and with each passing year she is even more grateful and thankful for the opportunity to create a place for kids to connect and grow their faith.

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Christopher Noah

Christopher, who goes by Noah at the Bridge. Has been a lifetime member of the Jubilee Christian Center and Jubilee Bridge family. He overseas the media department and is invested in Fuel young adults ministry. He gave his life to Christ at the age of 18 and hopes to use his talents to glorify God!

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Sonia has been a part of the Jubilee Family since her teenage years.  Since the opening of the bridge, she became the Administrative lead to our head Pastors, Event Coordinator, and is always placed where she is needed. “A woman of all trades”. Sonia’s love for people speaks for itself. Her heart to serve and care for others is a gift given by God to be a light to many lives.

Care Pastors

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Harold Anderson has dedicated over two decades to the Jubilee Youth Ministry, where he passionately teaches and inspires the middle school and high school generation. He is driven by his love for God, his family, and friends, and his commitment to serving the church community. Harold's mission is to instill confidence in the youth, teaching them about God's love and forgiveness, and empowering them to share their faith with others.

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Irma Ellis is a Care Pastor at JBMH. Born and raised in San Jose, Irma accepted God into her life in1983 and has loved every minute of her spiritual journey. Irma graduated from Northern California Bible College and the School of Supernatural where she learned to harness her love and experience the Bible as an instrument to help others. In particular, she is motivated to helping and encouraging women through their own journey in life. God has blessed Irma with discernment, teaching and the love of the Bible. She is involved with the Girls on Fire, 9th hours of prayer and helps out in the café. Irma has been married to her best friend for 48 years, and has been blessed with three children and six grandchildren. She is an avid reader, loves to travel and loves meeting people.

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Virginia (Gini)

Virginia gave her heart to the Lord in 1987. She is a long-time member of Jubilee and a Jubilee Bible College graduate. She has lived in the Bay Area all her life; she is married and has 3 adult children. She enjoys counseling and mentoring women wanting to grow in their relationship with the Lord. Over the years she has served in Children's & Women’s ministry, Life Groups, Encounters, and the Prayer team. She is currently serving as a Care Pastor at JBMH. Virginia loves teaching and sharing the good news to anyone who has ears to hear.  

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Gonsalves- Edwards

Cindi has been given the gift of encouragement! Cindi knows God has assigned her to help develop a greater faith for those struggling with life challenges. Cindi does this through Girls on Fire and 9th Hour of prayer ministry here at the bridge. The Lord has carried Cindi through some of the hardest of times and she know God will move to give you victory too!

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Tavita was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. She accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 5. Tavita is no stranger to abuse, she experienced much abuse by her father and as a married women for many years. Tavita has been in ministry for over 40 years teaching and ministries in the word of knowledge and discernment. By the spirit of the Lord, she is able to get to the basic issue in the lives of people that she ministries to and opens the doors for inner healing and recovery to begin. She has traveled and ministered in 6 continents by the spirit of the lord. Her testimonies of victory and triumph bring hope to the downhearted and build confidences int eh power and might of our great and awesome savior Jesus Christ.

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George Pritchard is a versatile member of the bridge community, actively engaged in various roles and ministries. Not only does he contribute as a worship team member, but he also assists Pastor Adam in the Men's ministry, including teaching and bringing fresh insights during JBMH Wednesday services.

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Joseph (Joey)

Born and Raised in the Bay Area, Joseph “Joey” Quevedo is a successful entrepreneur. Last February of 2023 as he has been attending Jubilee Bridge he heard God tell him it was time to make a bigger move. Joseph enjoys working out, mentoring people, watching and going to sports event and anything that can bring people together. He loves spending time with the men’s group of our church. The Iron men of Jubilee Bridge. Having fellowship with men and pouring back into them is one of his biggest blessings he enjoys to do. He always enjoys public speaking and feels like God will use his gifts to speak and preach the word of God to thousands of people and make an impact in this world.

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Carol is an incredible asset to our community, embodying a strong work ethic and unwavering dedication to the Lord. Her commitment shines through as she selflessly leads our free workout classes, called Sozofit, and faithfully serves as a greeter and teacher for Girls on Fire. With her fiery spirit, Carol's impact on those around her is inspiring and uplifting.

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Chris is an incredible individual who excels in various roles such as being an intercessor, teacher, and businessman. He diligently ensures that every job and task he undertakes is in accordance with the Lord's will. Additionally, Chris actively participates in the Men's ministry and Prayer team at the bridge, demonstrating his genuine nature and welcoming demeanor towards others.

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Rafael & Ericca 

Born and raised in San Jose, California - but not limited to just the valley, Care Pastor Rafael has traveled the globe and seen a lot with regard to the youth of this generation. His heart is to help Pastor Harold and Pastor Adam in the youth and Men’s Ministry to develop and encourage leaders to rise up and go beyond status quo. When he isn’t serving on the weekends, you will find him at home Saturday morning’s making pancakes for his family.

As a mother of five children Ericca is no stranger to the Helps Ministry. At the Bridge you can often find her… serving with the youth in Pastor Harold’s room, behind the front counter in the cafe, or helping in the Bookstore. Ericca has a heart to serve and would like you to know you are loved not only from the Father but from her motherly heart.

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Evey is on the Intercessory Prayer Team and assist with hospice/bereavement related care situations at The Bridge. Mother, wife and grandmother of 3. Also, works for a local hospice care agency supporting both volunteer training and bereavement services. “Having this compassionate spirit to serve and assist the dying is a privilege as well as an honor." Evey is so grateful to be given this opportunity to support our amazing Jubilee Bridge family!

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Fred & Carmen

Fred Romero is a devout man of faith, unafraid to openly express his belief in God. Regardless of life's challenges, Fred consistently acknowledges and praises the Lord. He actively participates in the Iron Men ministry, collaborating with Pastor Adam, and regularly attends worship and prayer gatherings on Wednesday evenings.

Carmen is a loving mother and grandmother who values her family and the blessings they have received from God. She enjoys meeting new people, offering words of encouragement, and promoting trust in the Lord. Carmen finds great joy in being part of the Girls on Fire team, where she can connect with other women of faith.

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Charlton & Spoorthy 

Charlton was raised by christian parents who loved God. His mom taught him to love, depend and seek God in everything. Charlton believes that connecting to God is not transactional, but is an ever evolving relationship by choosing God in our everyday aspects of life and allowing God to shape us. Charlton feels led to gather, serve and enable people and ministries to have a relational connection to God, bringing them closer to their purpose in Christ.

Spoorthy was born and raised in India. She is married to Charlton Papabathiny and they are blessed with a daughter Anayah. God’s love was instilled in her by her mom through the many songs and bible stories she heard as a child. Her closer spiritual walk with God began in 2013 and she has never looked back. She loves God and is in awe of His supernatural power. She trusts that every believer’s journey has a plan and a purpose to glorify the kingdom of God. She has a heart to teach and worked as a teacher before moving from India in 2006.

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Arpan & Nyarip

Arpan accepted Christ as my savior when he was a teen, but it took him many years to come to a close relationship with the Lord. After coming to Jubilee church in San Jose, Arpan came closer to God and was led to complete Bible College at Jubilee. Arpan love serving the Lord and is involved in the worship ministry at Jubilee Bridge. He loves helping out in worship , evangelism , helping youth succeed in studies.

A few years ago, Nyarip asked the Lord to use her for His work, since then, God has opened the doors for Nyarip in many ways. She serves in the 'Children's Ministry' at Jubilee Bridge. Nyarip is a preschool teacher. Hence, her heart goes to the children.

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Isaac & Rebecca 

Isaac was raised by a Godly mother, He gave his life to Christ at the age 24 years old. It's been 24 years since that day and Isaac is filled with gratitude for His never failing faithfulness. Isaac’s gifts are to serve and to teach. Isaac’s initial calling is to be a facilitator, which made him get involved as an usher with his base verse as in Psalms 84:10. Isaac also likes to encourage people, teaching and pointing them to His promises found in His Word. Isaac’s goal is to see more people seek the Lord more through His Word.

Rebecca is a Fourth Generation Christian and great granddaughter of a Pastor of a Church in South India. She was raised in a pentecostal church. She dedicated her life to the Lord in an encounter with Him, when she was 14 years old and since then, had been involved in Children and youth ministries at my church in India. Rebecca loves to teach God's word to the youth. Encouraging and building up women/ families, in the Lord, is her passion too.She and her husband conduct a bible study group at home. Rebecca also serve at the youth ministry - 'Ignite and Ablaze' at JBMH.She serves to help raise up the next generation sons of the Lord and in the expansion of His Kingdom.

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Ryan & Ranae

Ryan gave his life to Christ at the age of 13 while living in Southern California. Later, he moved to San Jose where he graduated from San Jose State University with a Criminal Justice degree, which led to him joining the San Jose Police Department in 2007. He was a member of Jubilee Christian Center and is now a member of Jubilee Bridge. 2024 will be his first year as a care pastor. Along with his wife Ranae of over 20 years, Ryan, having a heart drawn towards strengthening and nurturing relationships in Christ, is looking forward to being part of the marriage ministry.

Ranae Welch is excited to serve as a care pastor and be a part of the marriage ministries.  She has been married to Ryan for 20 years and has been blessed with 3 children.  With a passion to cultivate a life long love of learning, she is a homeschooling mama who has recently graduated her eldest to California Baptist University and who continues to classically educate her 16 and 11 year old children to know God and make Him known. Ranae has a heart to follow the Lord’s plan and purpose and to minister words of encouragement to those around her. 

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